Recently I’ve released a new version of PiCrate which works on both RaspberryPI4 and RaspberryPI3B+ with both 32 bit (RaspbianOS) and 64 bit (Manjaro Arm) operating systems. So I know it should be possible to run vanilla processing4 on the RaspberryPI. Now I’ve previously shown on the processing forum how to get Sam Pottingers Alpha releases of vanilla processing4 on the raspberryPI. This is not possible with the latest-4.0a3 release, there seems to be a Catch 22 because when you try to run a sketch on Manjaro Linux it complains that core needs to run on a 32 bit OS, yet the jogl aarch64-linux binaries are included. Anyway you may need to update the symbolic link on manjaro linux if you are using the stock openjdk which has been just updated to jdk-15 from jdk14. Here’s an example sketch running with updated jdk and Sam Pottingers Alpha version:-