Daniel Shiffman has recently published the second edition of his Learning Processing book updated for processing-3.0. He has also published the code here. This a port of his Manipulate video image sketch, which makes use of JRubyArt control panel to manipulate the video image. Show your ruby chops by porting some more examples…

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Here is the sketch code:-

# Learning Processing
# Daniel Shiffman
# https://www.learningprocessing.com

# Example 16-2: Manipulate video image

# Import the video library (and for JRubyArt control_panel and video_event).

load_libraries :control_panel, :video, :video_event
include_package 'processing.video'

# Variable for capture device
attr_reader :angle, :blue, :green, :hide, :high, :panel, :red, :video, :wide

def setup
  sketch_title 'Manipulate Capture'
  @video = Capture.new(self, 320, 240)
  # Start capturing the images from the camera
  control_panel do |c|
    c.title = 'Control Panel'
    c.look_feel 'Nimbus'
    c.slider :red, 0..255, 255
    c.slider :blue, 0..255, 255
    c.slider :green, 0..255, 255
    c.slider :angle, -PI..PI, 0
    c.slider :wide, 0..320, 320
    c.slider :high, 0..240, 240
    @panel = c

def draw
  # only make control_panel visible once, or again when hide is false
  unless hide
    @hide = true
  # Tinting using sliders
  tint(red, green, blue)
  # A video image can also be moved, rotated, tinted, resized just as with a PImage.
  translate(width / 2, height / 2)
  rotate(angle) # angle from slider
  image(video, 0, 0, wide, high) # width and height from slider

# This is a 'java reflection' method in processing, so keep the camel-case
# and load the :video_event library (rpextras.jar) in JRubyArt to use.
def captureEvent(c)

def settings
  size(320, 240)

I have also ported The Nature of Code to JRubyArt.