A bare sketch is similar to a sketch you would create in the processing ide, ie it does not seem to be class wrapped. However that gets done for you at run-time, the difference from the processing sketch is that the JRubyArt sketch requires you to use the settings method (this is hidden for vanilla processing sketches run from the ide but required for eclipse / netbeans users).


def setup
  sketch_title 'My Sketch'
  # do static stuff here

def draw
  # this is the draw loop, dynamic stuff here

def settings
  size 300, 300 # or full_screen
  # pixel_density(density) # density = 2 for hi dpi display (eg retina)
  # smooth # goes here

Example Usages: JWishy, Drawolver

To create a P2D sketch use:-

k9 --create my_sketch 300 300 p2d # default is to use `bare` template

To run such a sketch use:-

# default is to use an installed jruby 
k9 --run my_sketch.rb # to use jruby-complete set `JRUBY: false` in `config.yml`