Code snippets

Install the language-jruby-art package to create outline sketches, and/or add sketch snippets.

Run Sketches

Use the script package to run propane sketches from the atom editor.

Add Extra Documentation for Sketches in Markdown

You can add documentation for propane using the atom editor as follows

### Simplex Noise ###

Mainly inspired by Karsten Schmidt and Stefan Gustavson I created a `simplex_noise` library for propane (mainly in java) but I tweeked the example to work in ruby. Read more from [Stefan Gustavson][simplex] who created the java code. Kudos to Karsten Schmidt for the test code (vanilla processing not ruby version)


Preview mardown documents

Use the build in markdown preview capabilities (of atom) to preview your documentation see below.

Bringing it all together:-

See preview in right panel (with running sketch on top) and the sketch code in the left hand panel.