WOVNS is a San Francisco based company that is a textile studio and technology platform, giving designers access to the means of textile production. Working with US textile manufacturers, they have developed a patent pending system for jacquard looms that enables textile production in quantities as small as a single yard. Customers simply access their selection of colors and qualities, apply them to their own designs. On their site is a tutorial by David A. Mellis that shows how to create processing sketches that you can use to create WOVNS compatible designs see examples on github.

Ruby versions

The latest JRubyArt and propane versions feature example sketches that create WOVNS compatible output. See JRubyArt-examples and propane-examples

Color palettes

There are some restrictions regarding color palettes that you may use for your designs, so you should probably decide what color palette (and quality) suits you to start with eg Spectrum 18. We can deal with such web palettes quite easily in JRubyArt and propane.

PALETTE = %w(#B83D4E #B56A8C #4688B5 #A53643 #5869A0 #487A9C #95577E #302D32 #0C0000 #020100 #070707)
COULEURS = %i(geranium aurora cyan cranberry blueberry teal orchid matte_black dark_crystal textured slick)
@web = COULEURS.zip(web_to_color_array(PALETTE)).to_h
# now we can call colors by their names eg
fill(web[:geranium]) # sets fill to geranium color

Basis of possible patterns from existing JRubyArt sketches that come to mind are Snake Kolams, various other LSytems sketches, pointilism, and various filters.