Getting ready for jdk11+, I’ve finally got bored waiting for to get their act together, so I have started work on a new version of JRubyArt. This version will require jdk11 to run, and will no longer depend on an installed version of vanilla processing. However it will initially retain the ability to use libraries installed by the processing ide (this means we still need to do some configuration, but with any luck the installer will do this for you). ~/.jruby_art/config.yml on linux

processing_ide: false
library_path: "/home/tux/.jruby_art/libraries"
max_watch: 32
jruby: true
template: 'bare'

The above configuration anticipates the possibility of creating an independent library path to allow for not installing vanilla processing. Apart from taking the opportunity to re-brand JRubyArt with custom icons (see menu tray in screenshot below). Actually I’m using the same icons as I did for propane as I’m a bit lazy, but welcome to offers. Not much should change for the user, including the option of using jruby-complete jruby: false. However only 64 bit operating systems will be supported (I think vanilla processing might do that too) and for RaspberryPI there is PiCrate.